Why BabyDot™

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What Is BabyDot™?

BabyDot™ is a simple way for moms to know when stored breast milk should be thrown away.

What Does BabyDot™ Do?

The BabyDot™ label – which is in the shape of a dot – changes color when stored breast milk is no longer safe for infants to drink. Expiration times will depend on the temperature of the refrigerator where the breast milk is stored. BabyDot™ is the only product that expires at the same rate as the milk spoils.

Testing shows that fresh breast milk tends to last between 5 and 8 days in the refrigerator.

How Does BabyDot™Help Keep My Baby Safe?

Moms want to keep the food that they give their babies safe. Until BabyDot™ there was no easy way for moms to figure out when their breast milk had spoiled.

Before BabyDot™, in order to figure out how old your stored breast milk was, mothers had to record dates on a calendar or container or 3×5 card. This is complicated and confusing for you, and for fathers, partners, grandparents, babysitters and other caregivers for your children.