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Business Summary

BabyDot™  sells labels that change color to alert mothers that their stored breast milk has spoiled. Until now mothers had to write dates on labels, index cards or rotate bottle caps to keep track of the expected spoilage date. BabyDot™ labels will be sold directly to breastfeeding moms, our end user/consumer. We are a sales and marketing company with exclusive rights to the BabyDot™ product which will be sold via the Internet, through an affiliate marketing model, and with some B2B leveraging pediatricians.


Our product, BabyDot™, is a label that moms place on their stored breast milk containers. It changes color when the breast milk is no longer safe for infants to drink. Expiration times of BabyDot™ will change along with the milk, as the temperature changes.

Customer Problem

Moms want to keep the food that they give their babies safe. Until BabyDot™ there was no easy way for moms to find out when their stored breast milk had spoiled. Before BabyDot™, in order to figure out how old stored breast milk is, mothers had to record dates on a calendar or container or 3×5 card. This is complicated and confusing for mothers, and for fathers, partners, grandparents, babysitters and other caregivers.


The target population are mothers who breast or formula feed their newborns. Our market is the 9.1 million moms who give birth annually within the US and EU. Spoilage rates of breast milk are between 5 and 8 days if refrigerated properly.

Competitive Advantage

We are the only technology that allows for auto-adjusting of expiration time as milk is exposed to different temperatures. And that, as well as all other aspects of our product is protected by 8 US Patents. Other advantages include large, abrupt visual change upon expiration and a lower cost to consumers. BabyDot™ is the only product that expires at the same rate as the milk spoils.

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